This Video Expose Some Bad Practices at One of the Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant

In case KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) any of your go-to halts when you’re out plus about, a video that will recently surfaced might convince you. While we all understand that junk food is much from healthy, some folks need to see this to think it. Thanks in order to this video, those folks will be able in order to see plenty.

The video shows a “behind-the-scenes” look at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant somewhere in the United States. It’s gone viral since it was posted, with over five million views on YouTube.

An employee films a co-worker while speaking to the camera. She asks, “So what do you want the world to know about KFC?” The male employee is then seen lifting containers of food from the fridge. One of them contains green beans, sitting in murky water. The employee pours water from some old cups into the container of food.

“So you mean to tell me, the same stuff you have in those cans all day, you put into the freezer and sell it to people tomorrow?” the woman asks. The male employee relies, “I don’t know why we do it. It’s cross-contaminated.”

The camera pans to a pot of burnt macaroni and cheese sitting near empty, used cups. The woman claims that the cups will be recycled and used the next day. The footage then shows two containers full of fried chicken. The male employee claims that some of the chicken was cooked around 1:30pm that day and will be re-sold the following day.

The exact location of the Kentucky Fried Chicken resturant where the video was filmed is unknown. A KFC spokesperson said, “This video was filmed many years ago and does not reflect our standards or food handling procedures. It unfortunately resurfaces online from time to time, often tagged as various locations inaccurately. The actions of those former employees was unacceptable.”

Click below to watch the disturbing video:

Sources: Daily Mail | YouTube | Business Insider

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