Selfie That Destroyed Expensive Artwork

The Hypercaine series was on display until recently, constructed of a number of sophisticated crowns built of various components, from precious metals to organic matter. But thanks to one tourist’s clumsiness, 11 works were destroyed.

In the video captured by security cameras, the girl’s funny accident can be seen. She planned to take a selfie in front of the works of art, unaware of the tragedy that was about to happen.

One misstep, and the lady knocked one pedestal over, which made the entire row of pedestals fall like dominoes.

According to the owner of the gallery, the damage caused amounted to $200,000. But before you get angry, we should state that Birch said about the tourist:

‘She was horrified and very sad. We took her details, but have decided against pressing legal charges because it was clearly an accident, and she’s a student. We’re a not-for-profit organization, so we couldn’t justify suing her.’

What do you think?

See for yourself in the video:



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