Man Sees For The First Time With The Help Of These Glasses

The majority of of people take for granted the reality that we are able to see perfectly every day! We can easily observe the faces of our beloved ones, the elegance of mother nature and the wonderment of living without having any impairments. But for Gene Purdie, life is significantly different!

Gene is afflicted with from a condition called Stargardt’s disease – this condition only makes it possible for Gene to see the outline of things in front of him. He’s never ever had the opportunity to see his wife’s gorgeous face, his son’s button nose and his parents glowing smiles of pleasure! Gene has lived life in the dark, so to speak, until Rachael Ray invited him on her show for an amazingly unique segment.

Rachael introduced Gene with a set of eSight glasses (which enables those with serious vision impairments to see things they’ve missed their whole life) to try on. When Gene put on the eSight glasses, an enormous smile spread over his face and he instantly looked over to his wife! This moment is something he’ll never forget – and Rachael Ray has an additional huge surprise up her sleeve for Gene.



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