Engineers Made Transformers Car

All this time we believed that the Transformers series was imaginary, but it turns out that those huge fighting robots are real. Don’t believe us?

In that case take a look at these images and be ready to have your whole world turned upside down!

It was created by a Turkish company called Letrons, and as you can notice, it’s a completely functional Transformer! Well ok, maybe not COMPLETELY functional.

I mean, it doesn’t fight Decepticons, or fly, or, well, move, at least not when it’s in robot mode, although you can still drive it around via remote control when its in car mode.

Would like one? Who doesn’t.

We can not tell you how much they cost but we’re betting they’re not cheap.

Check out their site for more information, and if you choose to make an order, please ask them on our behalf to make a life-size Optimus Prime next.

Interesting isn’t it?

Watch the video below:



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