Beneficial Leaf To Boost Your Organism

Laurel is a well known ingredient in a lot of families, but quite a few are informed that its leaves are incredibly helpful and can be put to use for preparing medical oil that improves health in a lot of ways.

These are the several positive aspects of these leaves:

  • Improve the body’s defense mechanisms
  • Cleanse the colon
  • Relax the nervous system.
  • Activate sweating
  • Improves mind activity
  • Relieve joint pain and cure varicose veins

Right here is how to put together the laurel leaves oil:


  • 30 grms of bay leaves
  • 250 milliliters of olive oil

Process of preparing:

You need to mash the leaves and then put the olive oil over them. Move the blend into a glass container, and close it well. After that, keep it in a cool, dark place for two weeks, and shake the container from time to time during the 2 weeks.

Just after 2 weeks pass, use cheesecloth to strain the oil, and put the oil into a appropriate container, and preserve it in a cold place.

This oil can be applied for massaging painful joints. Just heat it on steam and apply it to the the sore areas.
It could also relieve extreme headaches, so you need to rub down the temples with it.
It stimulates appetite and soothes stomach pain and issues with the intestines.
If applied as a lotion, the laurel leaves oil will deal with acne and pimples, and take care of numerous skin problems.

This oil will also relieve earaches and migraine, and you can use it to reduce body temperature, as an alternative to aspirin.Furthermore, it normalizes the hepatic and renal performance.

So if you have tried it before, please let us know in the comment section below how this amazing leaf made your life easier. Have a blessed and beautiful day. Cheers!