Amazing Traditional Rusty Knife

Exactly what does it take to develop into the number one video clip on YouTube? It’s a question a lot of vloggers have no doubt frequently asked themselves.

But as one Japanese YouTuber named Jun just demonstrated, all you will need to hit the top is one rusty knife and a whole lot of polishing!
His unexpectedly famous (and oddly satisfying) video clip has by now racked up more than 4.1 million visits since he uploaded it only 2 days ago, and as soon as you see it you’ll realize why.

He purchased the traditional knife for $3, about ten times more than it was really worth given its terrible condition, but motivated to make the most of his purchase, Jun rolled up his sleeves and got to work cleaning up, sharpening, and repairing the blade, and the end result is nothing short of incredible.

See for yourself in the video clip below. It really is a cut above the rest.

Watch the video below:

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