Amazing Stories Of Super Humans

With considerably more and more of imaginations streaming through the minds of innovative artists and particularly that of VFX people, we all have experienced the development of characters on reel screen turning into real life superheroes. Beginning from superheroes of Marvel to DC Comics, the dream world just does not stop.

When all comes about to be the creativity of authors, it turns out that there might be a hidden clue in our universe visible to only those gentlemen. You don’t have to worry but, due to the fact there are magically gifted individuals dwelling with us in real life with the powers to attract steel and what not. Yes, it’s difficult to put faith into views like this since in a world of people wearing pragmatic glasses don’t believe in anything unless they see it.

Believe it or not, the lives of these 10 people you’re about to go through will not cease to exist just because one doesn’t says so:

Tony Cicoria

Don’t know how to play the piano? Get strike by lighting, and then you may know by God’s grace. Don’t know about you, but the same instance occurred with Tony. He was out at a payphone talking to his mother, lightning struck him, and the technically dead individual was brought back from the dead by doctors at the scene.

The situation gets fascinating now as the person who was never associated with piano in his whole life suddenly found himself being inclined towards piano music. Never knew how to play but the urge within made him buy a piano and later without even taking any lessons, he started to create melodies playing in his head and named his first piece as “The Lightning Sonata”.

Now, he does several recitals and the doctors still have no clue about how did it all occur.

Hot Wired Woman

The woman probably prefers not to disclose her identify, but we’ll tell you what she can do, at least. She has the capacity to melt ice with her bare hands anytime she desires to heat them up. The story goes like, one day a high-intensity shock passed through her body via a faulty lamp.

To all the skeptics, she even proved the same by sitting on ice and making it melt. See the cracks show up as it melts, pictured.

Magneto – Nikolai Kryaglyachenko

Just name him Magneto until the time you figure out how to pronounce the latter. One day Nikolai made the decision to take some temporary rest on a lamp post, and as he leaned over it, the faulty wire coming out with active current after making contact with him changed him into the kind of X-men Magneto.

And the following morning when he moved around the home, all the things made of metal started to attract his body. Mr. Kryaglyachenko is the only human being who’s ever come this close to being a human magnet since mid-10th Century. Doctors say that it’s just because of the sticky skin folks like him have.

Franco Magnani

Franco was not struck with anything at all but magic, as it turns out he emigrated from Italy to San Francisco in 1960’s and started suffering from severe fever.

As a part of that, seizures also began to occur making him delirious. On his healing period, he started to think about vivid images of the town he spent his childhood in; a place he had not visited in the last 30 years. And, he thought to show all those imaginary images on a canvas.

Being a cook and carpenter later in his life, with no hands-on experience with the strokes of a paintbrush; what he paints now is extraordinarily detailed like a photo. Doctors say that it is because the temporal lobe epilepsy got triggered by the high fever.

The sufferers are considered to have obsessive personality leading Franco to paint like a pro.

Jason Padgett

In the year 2002, Jason got jumped by 2 men as he was walking out of a pub and was hit in the head by those men leading to a concussion in the skull. He started to see geometric shapes almost everywhere he looked at, after coming back home and so did not leave his place for the next 3 years.

And, then he thought of sketching all those on a paper. The outcome was so full of design and precision. Padgett was always terrible at mathematics, but now he was drawing fractals and mathematical models showing repeating patterns, excelling at sketching of the kind (pictured) without the help of a tool or stencil.

Doctors consider that the brain’s area in charge for control object boundary formation was affected by the hit on his skull enabling him to see what he could.

Ben Underwood – best proficient human Echolocator

At the age of 2, Ben was diagnosed with retinal cancer and his eyes were removed for the sake of survival by the time he turned 3. With no visual aide like that of an eye, in order to move the way the world does he decided to use echolocation (detect the location of objects with the help of echoes).

He began to make frequent clicking noises with his tongue and wait for these clicks to come back as an echo. With the help of this, he could walk like the rest of us; play Football, run, and even ride a bike. By the time he became a teenager, he had become the most proficient human echolocator alive.

He was again diagnosed with cancer, and in January 2009 he passed away at the age of 16 years.

Ken Walters

A man who has experienced multiple heart attacks in life after going through an incident in 1986 that broke his back, made him bedridden for a year. He was kicked out of his house in the end. In the year 2005, jobless Ken was living off the government funding. After the third stroke he thought of writing a letter to the nurse but instead of writing found he was doodling.

An engineer by profession who never doodled before paralysis hit him, in accordance to doctors was the ability of the brain to rewire the damaged areas after a stroke. Know the gaming company Electronic Arts (EA), after some time they got attracted by his artwork, and now he models monsters for their games.

Tommy McHugh

A British native was viewed as to be one of the greatest A-holes in the UK due to the fact of his strange routine of punching random people he came by. He even had drug issues. One day, after suffering from a severe headache he consulted the hospital. He was told that due to a ruptured aneurysm, there’s a bleed on both sides of his brain which if not operated will lead to his death.

On his way back to home, he was walking when he observed himself talking in rhyme, and after this, it continued for three months that he started to see strange images. Like others, these images led him to draw, paint, sculpt and even write which he never did in his life earlier.

Doctors say the injury done to his frontal lobe is the reason behind all of that. Now, he has finally become a nicer person too because of his art being exhibited in many of the galleries across the UK.

Jon Sarkin

A chiropractic specialist from South Hamilton, Massachusetts, Jon developed tinnitus (leads to ringing in ears) and hyperacusis (over-sensitivity to a certain range of sound) after six years. To get rid of the indications he underwent a surgery during which he experienced cerebellar haemorrhage and a stroke.

After the surgery, he went deaf in one ear, with splintered vision and skewed balance. Doctors said the changes to be deaf could be permanent and also told him that new connections would be formed inside the brain.

Fortunately, the connections which happened turned out to be the artistic ones and enabled him to draw. Now, his artwork has been featured in magazines and catalogs like “Vanity Fair” and other art galleries with some with a worth of more than $10,000.



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